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    Versatile & Elegant

    The Pizza Butler comes in different sizes; can be used to display and serve pizza, deserts and appetizers.

    Space Saving

    Revolutionary "Z" pan saves table space. So simple; so amazing!.

    Easy Transfer

    So simple; so amazing!. Easily transfer From oven to display tray.

  • So Simple.

    Totally Awesome!

    A better way to serve Pizza. The only way to serve Pizza.


    • Unique "Z" Shape
    • Compact design
    • Space saving
    • Stackable


    • 18 Gauge Stainless Steel
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Two Sizes Available
    • Uses half the space


    • Serve pizza in 1/2 the space
    • Display delicious desserts
    • Serve an assortment of appetizers
    • Great gift
  • The Man Behind the Pizza Butler

    Manny Tzilvelis - Entrepreneur Extraordinaire


    Inventor & Entrepreneur

    Born and bred in Queens, New York. Owner of Hi-Tech Metals.

    Inventor of the Pizza Butler.

    lover of life!

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    14" Butler

    • Serves 13 inch to 10 in pies or displays them
    • Serve the pie with no need to clear items off the table
    • Engineered not to tip and also stops the "sliding pie" accidents
    • Takes up half the table space with elegance
    • 6 to 10 butlers can easily single stack ,dishwasher friendly



    CONTACT US DIRECTLY FOR CUSTOM SIZES - (718) 894-1212, Ext. 218

    18" Butler

    • Serves 18 inch 16 inch pies .Serving and display use
    • Takes up half of the table space to serve or display a pie
    • Its engineered perfectly balanced so no more sliding pies at tables
    • Dishwasher friendly and stacks perfectly on a shelf into itself
    • Lifts easily from under center with comfort and ease



    CONTACT US DIRECTLY FOR CUSTOM SIZES - (718) 894-1212, Ext. 218


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